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  • Canada

Collating information in a form of a book has an exciting and long history. It is closely related to the development of writing, but also to theinvention of paper and printing press. This workshop combines hands-on instructions with a snippets of interesting history relating to the early book production.  The course will address needs of individual students whether they are interested in producing a distinct codex, preserve an archive or bind some important magazines/journals, preserve in a special and elegant way family history, memoirs and even your children’s precious creations. The focus of the class is on learning a sound bookbinding technique such as creating signatures, hand sewing using a sewing frame, weaving headbands or creating elegant marbled papers echoing popular Renaissance and Baroque designs. No binding experience is necessary, we will all learn together.

Interest Level – For those wishing to learn about major (and minor!) themes in Canadian art and culture, but also interested in some hands-on art making. Suitable for students with or without previous art making experience.