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Courses in Portfolio Foundation Program are intended for students who are applying for admission to programs where they are required to submit a portfolio of their art work.

This includes both high school visual arts programs as well as post-secondary programssuch as Fine Arts, Architecture, Illustration and Design, including Graphic Design and Advertising, Interior, Fashion and Industrial Design, Environmental Design, Design for Theatre, Video and Installation, Illustration, Animation, and/or any other fine and applied art, or visual art related programs. 

In addition to the basics, such as drawing, painting, colour, and composition, the curriculum is content flexible, always considering the up -to -date requirements of the programs chosen by each one of our students.

Students will be introduced to basic art and design theory, but the main emphasis is onthe practical studio skills and hands-on projects. Special attention will be given to training students how to properly generate and develop original ideas and concepts, with the objective to prepare and execute projects based on those ideas, while respecting the imposed guidelines and deadlines.

Group critiquing and discussions of contemporary issues and trends in the visual art practices is an importantpart of the course, helping prepare students for a potential interview, presentation, and/or a hands-on admission test.