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  • Canada

Crash course on oil technique and associated materials.

Not all oils behave the same way, nor give the same visual results. This course will explain various oil mediums: linseed oil, stand oil, sun thickened oil, safflower oil, etc. The purpose of adding balsams such as Venice turpentine, Spike oil or turpentine will be examined. The issue with Mineral spirits as a replacement for «turps» as the latter can cause dermatitis in some people will be examined. How safe it is to add driers such as Japan or Cobalt in order to avoid premature cracking of the paint layer's.  Pigments' behaviour in oil will be outlined: absorption, spreadability, drying power and sturdiness.  How to “tweak” oil paint to make it successfully glossy or matté will be discussed. And much more.... Two major techniques will be considered and explained: painting in glazes (layers), the method associated with the Old Masters and alla prima (impasto) method introduced by the Impressionists. 

There will be a brief outline of oil painting history accompanied with visual examples. This is not a hands-on class, but all materials will be shown and their behavior demonstrated.

The class is limited to 10 participants.