Here is me setting up our library.  We're making this place feel like home!

Here is me setting up our library. We're making this place feel like home!

On Sunday, September 18th at 2 in the afternoon, Rosetta School of Visual Arts will open its doors to the public for the first time. 

After countless hours stretched over this exceptionally hot and humid summer, and while practically existing for weeks on end inside of my Macbook, Tamara (my wonderfully talented graphic designer friend), and I are finally putting finishing touches on everything, and getting ready for the big day.

There is still signage to go up, brochures and invitations to be distributed, emails to be sent and calls to be made, but an engaging and eclectic mix of programs for all ages is open for registration on our newly-launched website, Our space is almost fully functional and ready to receive and embrace its first visitors and future students.

We are located at 1580 Kingston Road, right in the middle of the increasingly trendy Birch Cliff neighbourhood, occupying all 4300 square feet of the bright space on the second story of the modern-looking blue-grey building right next door to Birch Cliff Public School. Our neighbourhood includes plenty of free street parking.

There is a pleasant “artsy” vibe, anda buzz of street life returning to this community after decades of being overlooked and neglected. Some of the older residents still remember the small shops, open markets, and a bustling street life back in the day when the Kington street car used to run all the way to Birchmount Avenue, before it gave way to the car culture. Over time, the growing car traffic along Kingston Road (Highway 2) caused isolation and cultural devastation to communities along the Scarborough Bluffs.

There is certainly a sense of renewal and vitality along Kingston Road these days, and my art school fits the trend perfectly in a community that has been badly underserved in the area of art programs.

It is with great excitement and joy that I look forward to meeting all who will honour me by stoping by to say hello on Sunday the 18th.

Together with my team—including my IT guy M.J. who is also my hubby, my “right hand” (Tamara likes to call her self that to make me laugh) and my excellent teachers—I wish to welcome you all, and ask for your support to help Rosetta School of Visual Arts make a successful start!

Sincerely yours,

Marija Barac Jandric

Executive Director and Owner,
School of Visual Arts