Draw, Paint & Sculpt the Human Form (Grades 5–8)

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Draw, Paint & Sculpt the Human Form (Grades 5–8)

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Draw, Paint & Sculpt the Human Form

This comprehensive, 2-part course provides an introduction and builds on existing visual art skills in drawing, painting and basic sculpting of the human form. The basic principles, methods, and techniques related to the representation of the human body in 2D and 3D art will be covered.

Part 1: Drawing & Painting the Human Form (Winter 2019)
Learn and study gesture, basic anatomy, portraiture, movement and expression, tonal drawing and painting using pencil, charcoal, ink, pastel, acrylic and/or watercolour.

Part 2: Sculpting the Human Form (Spring 2019)
Using a variety of techniques for modelling clay, casting and finishing plaster, creating wire sculptures and carving wood, students will learn the proportions of the human body, how the musculoskeletal system gives us our shape and how to reproduce its appearance in different media. The sculpture activities will contain a design component, where students will sketch out their ideas and engage in the creative process throughout.

Group critiquing and discussions of contemporary issues and trends in the visual art practices is an important part of this course. This course is especially recommended for students who intend to take Portfolio in the future, whether you are applying for the secondary admission, or planning for post secondary such as Animation, Interior Design, Architecture etc.

Age Group: Grades 5–8

Class Time: Saturday, 1:00 – 3:00pm   |   With TBD

Course Length:
Part 1: 9 weeks (January 7 – March 9)
Part 2: 9 weeks (April 8 – June 8)

Part 1: $342 +HST
Part 2: $342 +HST
Full Course: $684 +HST