Jeremy Stellato

Jeremy Stellato is a 2016 honors grad from York University’s Concurrent Education program with a major in visual arts, sculpture and a minor in history. He believes strongly in the importance of arts education for children, youth and adults alike and is dedicated to ensuring a rewarding educational experience for all students, regardless of ability. He has experience teaching in diverse situations including Toronto high schools Westview CSS, Weston CI and Marry Ward CSS, outdoor education camps like Clairville Day Camp and the Toronto Botanical Gardens. 

Jeremy’s artwork takes many forms from 2D to 3D including drawing, woodcarving and bronze casting. He draws inspiration from Canadian history the natural world, frequently including found objects and wood chewed and discarded by beavers. Themes of time, environmentalism, national identity and mortality inform his work.

Jeremy is familiar with clay and plaster modeling, a variety of mold making, woodcarving, metal and wood fabrication and bronze and aluminum casting along with printmaking, drawing, painting and other 2D media.