Olga Battaglia

Olga is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and was accepted into the New York City Off-Campus Program. 

Olga teaches courses for the Toronto District School Board and various private art schools. She is a professional artist and is the recipient of numerous art awards. Her art has been included in several corporate collections. Olga has been interviewed on television and featured in numerous publications. She was involved in establishing local artist-run galleries and co-producing the "Third Rail Arts Festival" for the Metro Toronto Arts Week.

Her artwork ranges from figurative to abstract and her ideas have also extended beyond the art gallery to street installations. Her inspirations have adhered to the elements and principles of art. Her true creative contentment is to explore the correlation between refined ideas and the interaction of colour and movement. In this quest it has led her to an exploration of various themes and ideas that have contributed to a series of deeply personal artworks.