Private Workshops, Events & Birthday Parties


Private Workshops, Events & Birthday Parties

Corporate Workshops

Corporate Workshops

Who says you can't have fun at work? We offer a range of Art Workshops designed for corporate team-building events and parties! Our instructors are experienced practicing artists who are sure to make your work event fun, entertaining and educational.

Paint to Music

Our painting process is affected consciously or subconsciously by the sound (also light and smell, but that is for another class). Vigorous, dramatic music can make the brush dance across the canvas or move slowly and languidly emulating a melancholy and doleful sound. We will first explore these effects in monochrome to reflect the movement only. The introduction of colour (which too can be happy, sad or indifferent) will create a more complex image. Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition is a good example of a composer influenced by paintings. Each participant will have an opportunity to discuss his/her own reaction and choice of design and colour.

Plein Air Painting at Rosetta McClain Gardens

(Available only when weather allows)

This is a very calming and restful workshop. You will find a lovely spot to paint and a charming view in this gorgeous park in our neighbourhood. A view of the lake, sounds of birds, colours of flowers and the rustling of leaves in old trees will transport your soul for a few hours far away from the city and the office atmosphere. You will have an opportunity to loose your self in the natural world as you paint what you see.

Turn Your Favourite Photo into a Painting

There are photos on your phone or in your wallet that you keep, and love looking at. Those may be images of your loved one, scenes from your travels, or remind you of an important moment in time. What ever the case, this workshop gives you an opportunity to turn this image into a painting. You will be guided by an experienced instructor/practicing artist, through the process of making that happen. A lot of personal attention and gentle instruction/feedback will be provided.

I Wish I Could Draw...

We start drawing before we even learn to speak. Drawing comes so easily to a child, yet as adults we somehow forget how to be that child. This workshop will attempt to awaken in you that childish joy and fun while teaching you some basic drawing skills and approaches. An experienced instructor/practicing artist will guide you through the process by providing instruction along with personal attention and gentle feedback. 

I Wish I Could Paint...

Most people remember the pleasure that simple “finger-painting" can provide for a young child. This workshop will not take you back to finger-painting, but it will bring back the fun and joy that comes from mixing and applying paint. You will learn how to mix and apply paint, and how to see and understand tones and colours in order to produce an original painting from observation.

What’s up with Abstract Painting?

Let’s take a trip to the world of abstraction together. What’s up with that anyways? Why a single colour painting in a museum can command such high price? We will try to find those answers together by learning some basic steps in the process of creating an abstract painting. You will be guided by an experienced abstract artist/art instructor on this fascinating journey, which is guaranteed to open your eyes to the whole different world of perception and thinking.

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