Jacqueline Schaller

If you've always wanted to learn how to draw what you see, I can teach you how to do that!  If you're looking at how to improve your drawing, I can also help you... If you were told you don't know how to draw, or don't have talent, I can help you overcome your concerns that you aren't an artist.  The truth is everyone can learn drawing skills, but you do need to have the right kind of instruction and I believe I do offer that.

My method of instruction allows for all levels to participate in the same class.

About me:  After getting an applied arts degree in apparel design at Ryerson, I worked in the fashion industry while taking night classes in drawing and painting at OCA (now OCAD), eventually moving to night classes with portrait painter John Viljoen (at Avenue Road Art School), and finally studied with Ted Seth Jacobs in France (alumni include Jacob Collins, Tony Ryder and Patricia Watwood, as well as many other notable realist artists).  I have been very busy raising my three children and I am slowly getting back to my art practice.