Important Dates

Statutory Holidays & School Closures

The School will be closed on the following dates: 

Thanksgiving Weekend
Saturday October 8 – Monday October 10

Winter Holiday Break
Friday December 23, 2016 – Monday January 2

Family Day
Monday February 20

Easter Weekend
Friday April 14– Sunday April 16

Victoria Day Weekend
Saturday May 20 – Monday May 22

Canada Day Weekend
Saturday July 1 – Monday July 3

Civic Holiday
Monday August 7

Term Dates

Regular Programs are offered in three sessions: fall, winter and spring. March Break and Summer programs will be offered separately. Re-registration is required for each term.

Fall Term
Monday October 3, 2016 – Friday December 16, 2016
Registration begins on the day of material release

Winter Term
Monday January 9, 2017 – Saturday March 11, 2017
Registration begins Monday, November 7, 2016

Spring Term
Monday April 3, 2017 – Saturday June 3, 2017
Registration Begins Monday, February 6, 2017

Information, Fees & Policies

Age/Grade Level

Students must be registered in a ‘grade-appropriate’ class at the start of a session. We reserve the right to ask for documentation and/or to remove the child from a class that is not age-appropriate. Adult programs can be attended by students of any age 15+.

Classes Refund & Cancellation Policy

Registrants may cancel their classes enrolment, without penalty, until 14 days before the first class; after which a non-transferable, non-refundable $50.00 administration fee will be charged. A drop form must be filled out online or at the school office. As of the first day of the class, there will be no refunds or credits. 

If a course is cancelled due to low enrolment, students will be given one week’s notice, and refunds will be issued immediately thereafter.     

As of the first day of the classes, there will be no refunds or credits. 

Confirmation of Registration

All students who are registered successfully will receive a confirmation e-mail (or via mail) upon completion of registration. please call the our office at 416.832.2362, or email us at


Fees are paid in full upon registration and are non-transferable. Course fees are pro-rated for students who register late. Fees quoted for kids’ programs include all materials. Fees quoted for adult programs do include model fees where applicable, but do NOT include materials, unless otherwise stated. 

HST will be added on to the cost of all courses and workshops. If payment is not received within seven days, we reserve the right to remove the student from the class list. Returned cheques are subject to a $50.00 fee. 

A material list will be provided for all adult programs. You are required to bring your own supplies to a class, based on the list provided. Lists will be sent to you immediately after your registration has been processed.

Instructor Changes

The Rosetta School of Visual Arts reserves the right to make course and/or instructor changes at any time.

Missed Classes 

There are no make-up classes allowed for missed classes due to illness or vacations without the consent of administration. There are no discounts, refunds or credits for classes not attended.

Multiple Programs & Same Household Discounts

If more than one person from the same household registers, or if the same person registers for more than one class within the same term, there will be a 5% discount applied to the second and third registration. A household can include two or more children registered together, a parent (or guardian) and a child, or an individual who has multiple class registrations within the same term. Discounts are applied to two or more class registrations (higher priced classes will be counted), and are not retroactive. If a student withdraws from one class, the discount no longer applies and the student will be charged full tuition for remaining classes. Household discounts do not apply to Workshops, March Break, or Summer Programs.

On and Off-Site Workshops - Withdrawal

Registrants may cancel or transfer from their workshop enrolment without penalty, until one day before the start of workshop; after which a non-transferable, non-refundable $10.00 administration fee per person will be charged for workshops costing up to $60 pre-tax per person per session, and non-refundable $20 fee per person for workshops costing more than $60 pre-tax per person per session. A drop form must be filled out online or at the school office.

If a workshop is cancelled due to low enrolment, participants will be given three day’s notice, and refunds will be issued immediately thereafter.


We do not guarantee parking. Parking may be available on nearby residential streets. The School will not be responsible for parking tickets due to illegal parking. 

Peanut Products/Allergies 

Due to severe life threatening allergies, no nut products are permitted in the School.

Photography Release Terms & Conditions

Upon registration you will be asked for your authorization to allow Rosetta School of Visual Arts to publish photographs for use in Rosetta’s print, online, social media and video-based marketing materials, as well as other School publications. The terms and conditions are as follows:

"I hereby authorize Rosetta School of Visual Arts to publish photographs taken of me, my wards or my name and likeness, for use in Rosetta’s print, online, social media and video-based marketing materials, as well as other School publications.

I hereby release and hold harmless Rosetta School of Visual Arts from any reasonable expectation of privacy or confidentiality associated with the images specified above. 

I further acknowledge that my participation is voluntary and that I will not receive financial compensation of any type associated with the taking or publication of these photographs or participation in School marketing materials or other School publications. I acknowledge and agree that publication of said photos confers no rights of ownership or royalties whatsoever.

I hereby release Rosetta in the creation or publication of marketing materials, from liability for any claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation."

Pick Up/Drop Off

Please be punctual when dropping off and picking up children. Children under the age of 8 are not allowed to wait in the lobby unsupervised. Ask about our supervised Pre-Class Program for after-school students. In the event of late pick-up, a ten-minute grace period will be allowed, after which a $35.00 fine will be charged.

Private Events, Corporate Workshops & Parties

Email, call 416.832.2362 or fill out our Corporate Workshop Enquiry form for details about booking your private, corporate workshop events and parties. A non-transferable, non-refundable 30% deposit is charged up front for all booked private events/workshops—which Rosetta School of Visual Arts will keep in the event of cancellation.


The Rosetta School of Visual Arts reserves the right to photograph and video tape all classes and use the images for publicity purposes and promotional materials. Should you object to the use of your image or your child’s image in promotional materials, please inform the School’s office in writing at the time of registration. Please Note: Artwork used in the School’s promotional materials including brochures and on the website may not credit the artist.

Refer a Friend Program

When you refer a friend, who has never attended the Rosetta School of Visual Arts in the past, and your friend registers for a program, you will receive a $50.00 credit to use towards a future program at the School (Please note, that credits can only be used for unpaid tuition and hold no cash value.)


Registration forms are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Online registration payments may take up to 5-10 business days to be processed. Rosetta School of Visual Arts will not disclose information without your consent, and will only use your contact info to inform you about your courses and services that matter to you. You may also choose to subscribe to our mailing list to stay informed about about Rosetta services, events and activities (including fundraising initiatives, programs, special events, open houses, exhibits, and/or performances).

School Closures

The School reserves the right to cancel classes due to severe and extreme weather conditions at the discretion of our administration. There are no refunds issued for such cancelled classes. Students will be notified by phone and/or information can be found on our voicemail, homepage, Facebook page and Twitter feed. The School will try to arrange one make-up class date in such circumstances. Should a student not be available for the scheduled make-up class, there will be no refunds or credits issued.


Should a student choose to transfer from one class to another, a $10.00 transfer fee will be charged. A transfer form must be filled out online or at the School office. As of the second class of the term transfers will not be allowed without the consent of administration.

Wait Lists

If a class is full, you may ask to be placed on a wait list.

What to Wear 

We supply limited quantity of smocks. Please dress in clothing that is comfortable to work in. School aprons and t-shirts can be purchased at the registration counter. Children attending drop-off classes at the school must be toilet trained.