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Dara Aram

Dara Aram has lectured and taught at a number of colleges, universities, elementary and secondary schools in the GTA.

Following his graduation from the Suleymani Institute of Fine Arts in Kurdistan, Dara studied at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto. He has recently attended the Artist-Educator Foundation Course at the Royal Conservatory.

During his painting career, he has produced and experimented with figurative, abstract, landscape and installation techniques. His past subjects have included the Environment combining children and women’s oppressive struggles in various political situations.

Dara has exhibited 98 solo and group shows in galleries and museums worldwide, including Japan, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the UK, Middle East and North America. He has received numerous grants and awards and has been interviewed by newspapers, magazines and TV.

Dara’s works are in private and public collections such as the Canadian Embassies in Denmark and in Sweden. His works are owned by Mr. Irvin Zuker, a prominent art collector from Hamilton, Ontario, well known Canadian artists Leonard and Doris McCarthy, Mayor of Richmond Hill Mr. Dave Barrow and York Regional Chief of Police Mr.Armand P. La Barge. Dara has also donated numerous works to charities and cultural events.