Impressionist Landscape in Oil & Acrylic

Impressionist Landscape in Oil & Acrylic


Impressionist Landscape in Oil & Acrylic

Plein Air & Studio Couse


The Impressionist Approach is a result of studying the effects of light on the appearance of colour. Paintings produced this way are dynamic, full of movement and are exceptionally beautiful. In this course, students will work mainly from their own photographs, depicting a scene with a strong sense of light and shadow. Emphasis will be on achieving a convincing sense of form, volume and spatial depth using a “colour priority” method of impressionist painting. Students will be coached on colour mixing in order to gain better command of tertiary colours, trying to avoid flatness and pastiness in their work. This course is best suited for students with some previous painting experience. You can work in either acrylic or oil.

A materials list will be provided.

With Olga Battaglia

Start: 07/04/17
Length: 6 weeks

Fee: $252 +HST

Class Time: Tuesday, 10:00am – 1:00pm